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Salmon Council Praises Agreement Between the Government and Truckers and Facilitates Resumption of Operations

The Chilean Salmon Council applauded the agreement reached today by the Government and truck union representatives, as it was key to avoiding supply problems for the population, while restoring security and ensuring the continued operation of production chains.
The salmon production chain, which represents a significant employer in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes, faced several difficulties during the strike that began on Thursday, August 27. The route cuts caused the following connectivity problems:

  • Disruptions in both supply and dispatch of products.
  • Dispatch delays to destination markets, resulting in limited product availability and an adverse effect on our reputation as a country.
  • General operating problems due to the lack of fuel and other high-volume demand supplies, such as packaging materials and fish feed.

After the agreement was reached, the Chilean Salmon Council reaffirmed that its companies will work hard to normalize the situation in the sector by reversing shortages in some processing cycles, and returning operations to normal to ensure availability in the destination markets.
The companies are now resuming operations in their facilities so the entire production chain can return to regular production.
The Salmon Council is an association of four affiliated companies: AquaChile, Cermaq, Mowi and Salmones Aysén. Its main objective is to strive for competitive and sustainable production while positioning the Chilean salmon industry as a world leader. The Salmon Council promotes best business practices and respect for Chilean communities and the environment.