Press Releases

Companies Join the Chilean Salmon Council to Contribute to Salmon Farming in our Country

Four companies with extensive experience in salmon farming at a global and local level decided to meet and form the Chilean Salmon Council. The companies include AquaChile, Cermaq, Mowi and Salmones Aysén. Their objective is to work together to develop a more sustainable industry that is connected to the community and is respectful of the environment, focusing on sustainability, environmental protection, and the promotion of a responsible and competitive industry.

Initially, the specific actions of the Chilean Salmon Council will be aimed at improving the sustainability of the industry in all areas, promoting free competition and helping Chile become a world leader in this area, while contributing to joint efforts with other organizations in the field. In the future, the Council will focus on laying the foundations of a long-term aquaculture policy that allows a transparent and sustainable development respecting both natural and community environments.

The Board of Directors will be made up of Sady Delgado, from AquaChile; Steven Rafferty of Cermaq; Fernando Villarroel, from Mowi; and Pablo Baraona, from Salmones Aysén, plus a fifth member yet to be confirmed, who will be an independent director.

“We are part of an industry that had a humble beginning, but over the years has developed, grown and professionalized, taking a path that led to lessons, mistakes and challenges. Today the participating companies endeavor to be benchmarks in innovation. They adhere absolutely to current regulations, respect their employees and the communities where they are located, and implement the best available production practices in order to strengthen the Chilean industry leadership in salmon production.” Board of Directors of the Salmon Council

In the coming weeks, there will be new announcements from the Chilean Salmon Council, such as formal registration of the association and appointment of the general manager.