Press Releases

Board of the New Salmon Council Meets with the Minister of Economy and the Undersecretary of Fisheries.

Earlier this week, the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, met with the directors of the newly created Salmon Council: Fernando Villarroel, CEO of Mowi Chile; Pablo Baraona, President of Salmones Aysén; Sady Delgado, CEO of Aquachile and Steven Rafferty, CEO of Cermaq.

On this occasion, the directors introduced themselves to Minister Palacios and pointed out the reasons and objectives for the creation of the association. These four companies (the largest in the Chilean industry), aim to strengthen Chilean salmon farming through the promotion of a long-term global perspective regarding health, environmental legacy and competitiveness.

“We believe that the time has come, given the magnitude of this industry and the contribution it makes to the country, that we can contribute even more to the strategic guidelines for Chile, considering our national and international experience,” said the directors of the Salmon Council.

As a Board of Directors, they confirmed that the companies are committed to being a benchmark for innovation, with “absolute adherence to current regulations, free competition rules, and of course, respect for our employees and the communities where we are located.”

The Salmon Council insisted that they will work tirelessly to promote the best business, production, sanitary, environmental and regulatory practices, stating “we are convinced of the need for a long-term approach to make this industry more competitive and sustainable.” These are considered key elements for the consolidation of Chile into the world leading salmon producer.