Relationship with the Social Context

At the Salmon Council we work to develop our activities in harmony with the environment. We strive to build trust and positive relations with the community to generate a shared sense of value. We do this through permanent dialogue and cooperation with all those who contribute to salmon farming, particularly our employees, collaborators, supplier companies, artisanal fishermen, neighboring communities, local authorities and those involved in tourism.

Environment and Sustainability

We believe that salmon farming has great potential. Salmon provides a healthy and sustainable source of protein, able to meet the increasing world-wide demand for quality food due to global population growth and economic development. We believe it is possible to achieve this in a responsible way, combining the highest environmental, social and animal welfare standards with greater innovation and technology use in the different stages of our production chain.

Science, Research and Innovation

Scientific knowledge of the aquaculture environment is vital when considering animal health and environmental sustainability, because the oceanographic, climatic, sanitary and environmental conditions of Chile are different from those of other salmon producing countries. For this reason, the Salmon Council drives advancements in research and development to adopt the highest production practices as supported by solid scientific findings. In this way we make use of the best innovations to address any challenge.

Contribution to Salmon Farming Public Policies

We consider that an adequate regulatory framework allows the development of the production chain in a competitive and sustainable way. We focus our efforts on contributing to the regulatory discussion of the sector in a constructive and transparent manner. The long-term goal for the regulatory framework, along with protecting the health and environmental legacy, is to drive the development of the value chain, improve work practices and the competitiveness of the Chilean salmon farming industry, and to promote innovation, research and development. The goal is to make this productive chain socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Positive Positioning of the Chilean Salmon Production Chain in the Global Market

Over the last few decades, Chile has gained an important role in the global salmon industry, becoming the second largest salmon producer after Norway. We strive to promote the competitive and sustainable development of salmon farming in Chile. We compete globally using best business practices that improve the reputation of the Chilean salmon industry and our country as a whole, and we deliver our salmon to the tables of as many people as possible.