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Press Release of the Salmon Council Regarding COVID-19

Based on information published today by the specialized press of China, the Salmon Council reports that the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that no traces of COVID-19 were found in salmon before the fish reached the Beijing Food Wholesale Market. This was confirmed by Shi Guoqing, deputy director of the CDC’s Emergency Operations Center.

In turn, the director of the China Food Information Center, Zhong Kai, stated that currently “all the evidence points to Xinfadi (the market where COVID-19 was detected on a fish cutting board) rather than the salmon.”

Zhong Kai added that no contamination has been found in restaurants that sell salmon, and infections have not been reported among people who have eaten the fish. Norwegian authorities also confirmed that salmon from that country was not the source of the newly detected outbreak.

Citing the Center for Food Safety, The Standard (Hong Kong), reported that 16 samples of imported salmon, including products from Norway, Chile, Ireland, Iceland and Denmark, received negative results when tested for coronavirus