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Declaración sobre las inquietudes en China relacionadas con el brote de Covid-19

Regarding concerns in China related to the COVID-19 outbreak in the Xinfadien Beijing market, the Chilean Salmon Council states the following:

1. All companies that are members of the Council operate with the highest standards of food safety processes, to protect our customers when they consume salmon.

2. Farmed salmon does not pose a risk of contracting COVID-19 and is one of the safest and healthiest proteins for consumption worldwide.

3. There is no evidence connecting the COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing last week to salmon. We are aware of what has been reported by the media, however, there is no official information on the origin of contamination by COVID-19, apart from unverified comments that the virus was related to a cutting board used to prepare salmon in the affected wholesale market.

4. The member companies of the Council strictly follow all the health authority recommendations to protect their employees. To date there have been no cases of COVID-19 in our processing plants.

5. The Chilean Salmon Council emphasizes the importance of adopting all cleaning and disinfection protocols in the handling and preparation of food of any kind. For more information, please contact: