Our Vision

Salmon is Chile’s second export product after copper. Chile has positioned itself as the second largest salmon producer in the world, exporting approximately 25% of all salmon sold internationally. We work to promote a competitive and sustainable salmon production chain, strengthening development in Chile’s southern regions and in the country as a whole to better meet worldwide salmon demand.

Our Mission

The Salmon Council is an association of affiliated companies. Our objective is to promote the development of a competitive and sustainable production chain based on high-standard work practices, productivity, the maintenance and promotion of business integrity, effective environmental and work practices, innovation and high standards in environmental care.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic plan of the Salmon Council focuses on the following objectives:

Partner Companies


Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Members of the Salmon Council Board:
General Manager AquaChile
General Manager AUSTRALIS
General Manager CERMAQ
General Manager MOWI Chile
Director of Salmones Aysén
Independent Director

Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
Director of Research
Director of Legal Affairs
Director of Communications